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AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting QR Code!

The myth that we have to wait for something to happen before we can move a step closer to our perfect life seems to be invading everyone’s lives.  We all seem to be waiting for tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes we wait for another tomorrow.  The thing is, tomorrow has been heavily influenced by our yesterdays; our beliefs, our emotions, our attachments, and our thoughts on life. So you can’t change your tomorrow unless you change your yesterday, and the only way to change your yesterday is to change today.

This is not a post on living in the moment  and living for today.  This is a post on recognizing what your thoughts were yesterday, analyzing them and changing them  today.

What stops us moving forward is fear and doubt.

In my life, I am not really waiting for  enough money to give up my day job; I am fearful that if I give up my job I  won’t make enough money in my business to support my family.  In actual fact my wife is reluctant to let me give up the day job as it would be a bit irresponsible.  However, what I have done is stopped waiting for knowledge and information to move forward in my business.  I used to think I will need to master video  techniques before I can post videos, I need to have enough knowledge to speak  about a certain topic, I will need to become a literary genius before I can  write a book.  I accept the fact that I will make lots of mistakes in my life, so why not make the mistakes today, learn from them, and produce something better tomorrow.  I can look back on my very first post on YouTube and laugh at it now, but I learned, got a little better, and 100 articles later you are reading this.

Our latest video (02/26/2015): Our California Project: 

Our California Project questions and answers some of the most pressing issues about the invasive water hyacinth plant in The Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta. In our opinion politics have gotten in the way (“IT’S THE AMERICAN WAY”), and just as with other essential needs of the people, it’s can be considered a mess, just as with the California Drought Debate” that continues as politics build its high speed train, as fingers stay crossed hoping it rains (visit our interesting solution here). This is our longest video to date, no narration just music & interesting facts.

Our California Project Video:

A Primer for the Water Hyacinth an Aquatic and Invasive Plant:

This first video gives you an overview of the Water Hyacinth, is 01:56 seconds and is in the public domain from Aquatic and Invasive Plant Identification Series by the UF/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Invasive Plant Management Section. See Video Below!


Beautiful Water Hyacinth Furniture!

This second video is about the Furniture Manufacturing Industry and how these plants are made into Beautiful Furniture. To know about the native water hyacinth products, lower prices when compared to synthetic or leather sofa saving the consumer large amounts of money during remodeling. Durable with good care. And of course make a unique impression materials is becoming increasingly sought after.

From the tranquil waterways of Thailand, an environmentally friendly furniture is available, made to exceptional standards and making anything else in its field look second rate! It exudes a unique quality and class which transforms any setting. The Water Hyacinth plant, renowned for the beauty of its large blue flowers has spread rapidly into the waterways, lakes and rivers throughout Thailand. Water Hyacinth grows so densely and is so prolific that large amounts of public funds are spent trying to eradicate it. In order to give villagers an incentive to participate in the clearing of their waterways, it was necessary to turn this plant into an income generating material, and thus a great new environmentally friendly material for furniture has been discovered.

The transformation of water hyacinth weeds that congest Thailand’s water ways into elegant furniture upholstery by PERFORMAX CO. LTD, a forefront company with specialty in this craft. Performax blends elegant design with sensual beauty of hyacinth braids into contemporary and modern design of furniture that are exported to over thirty countries around the world.

A Primer for the Water Hyacinth Furniture:


Feeding Water Hyacinth to Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys and Goats:

Turning an invasive water plant into animal feed (that is known to double in size every 2 weeks), Its free and plentiful, what more could you ask for.


EatTheWeeds: Episode 38: Water Hyacinth:

Learn with Green Deane about the water hyacinth, an escaped edible wild food that is threatening world waterways.


Watch One Of The World’s Largest Solar Farms Get Built: 

When complete, the 550-megawatt Topaz Solar Farms will have more than 8 million modules installed. The project will cover 4,700 acres in San Luis Obispo County and will provide enough electricity equivalent to powering more than 180,000 average California households.

Topaz Solar Farms Construction Site!


Our videos from the affected areas of the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta will be added shortly!

Thank You,

Michael Burton Sr.

AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting!

Clearing California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!
Clearing California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!

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