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In 2012, we created a new venture for Michael Burton Productions, LLC which is the green part of our Business, giving it the name “AAAA HYACINTH HARVESTING”, our Business works by using our “Water Hyacinth Harvester” to scoop up, load onto our trucks the water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), a large, free-floating, tropical aquatic plant with attractive lavender flowers and shiny, bright green leaves on long petioles which currently infests large portions of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

I am writing to draw your attention to a matter of great importance to our Business. Past methods to control the spread of the water hyacinth have yielded only temporary reductions in the plant population. Both bio control and herbicides have provided temporary relief from the water hyacinth, but these control methods are expensive, and they come with other environmental effects. As a result, they do not always garner support in the community, which makes their implementation less effective. Given the water hyacinth’s damage to both the environment and the surrounding community, how can we incentivize companies to implement water hyacinth control methods?

Research in Florida done very carefully!
Research in Florida done very carefully!

In researching the most effective methods to eradicate the water hyacinth while appealing to the greater financial interests of the regions surrounding the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta has provided insight into this problem. A control method that contains the water hyacinth with an additional financial incentive for the community could create lasting environmental and financial benefits for the region, with containment methods that entail harvesting the plant then using its biomass to produce ethanol, which can then be burned to produce energy.

In July 2013, I spent quite a bit of time in the Sacramento & San Joaquin Delta’s recreational areas and noticed the place was full of Water Hyacinths and everyone was having problems with all the aquatic equipment that I could see, and I’m speaking of boats of all sizes, jet skis and private craft. The powered craft were scared that the plant would foul the water intakes, and the muscle powered craft had to change location to bypass the large hyacinth mats of plants to enjoy the rivers. Over a thirty day period of travel thru the area, it was happening everywhere.

Preparing for this venture, we are going back to the stage, and request your participation to our fund raising attempt. With your participation we have the opportunity to create jobs.

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Thank you;

Michael Burton Sr.

AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting

Clearing The California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!
Clearing The California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!

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  1. I remember many years ago at Disneyland they were using water hyacinths as part of a system to purify water. The roots remove many chemicals and heavy metals from the water. If you can harvest the plants and separate the roots from the plant then the tops are a great food source for cattle. I love your site and information on desalination that we need to be working on now. Perhaps the next governor of this state will win by running on a platform that promises a sustainable supply of fresh water for California. Rick Pierce, Retired Water Treatment Plant Operator, City of Sacramento

    1. Thank you Rick Pierce, I also remember those Disneyland days, The water hyacinth plant is still used on the Disneyworld Florida properties, here our Facebook hyacinth page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/AAAA-Hyacinth-Harvesting/166244126781083.. Indeed the next Governor might, but lots of people are going to be hurt during this vicious cycle of neighbor telling on neighbor. The desalination plant takes into question the right place to build it. Here is my play on that – https://youtu.be/oKWhR7Ic3rs. Thanks once again.

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