Help Give The Poor & Homeless a Job!

Our Vision!

The transformation of Water Hyacinth weeds that congest the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta Water Ways into elegant furniture is our dream. We can supervise many poor & homeless regional people into having a good working environment as we export these beautiful pieces all over the Country. Please comment below!

We can teach anyone to perform the manufacturing process, blending elegant design with sensual beauty, by braiding hyacinth plants into contemporary and modern furniture.

Maybe we should say; to those that want to work.

The funding is not there because of Politics to do any good, so we will fill The Stockton Arena with multiple concerts to fund our project, and give a percentage of the proceeds to multiple  community agencies, helping many out.

But as we look at the un-employment statistics for that region, although it doesn’t mention homeless, we could have a large bargaining tool as we try an implement this idea to any Government entity.

Stockton, California Unemployment: The BLS reported that the unemployment rate for Stockton fell 0.1 percentage points in September 2014 to 10.6%.

For the same month, the metro unemployment rate was 3.3 percentage points higher than the California rate. The unemployment rate in Stockton peaked in October 2010 at 17.5% and is now 6.9 percentage points lower.

Unemployment Rate September 2014 Month/Month Year/Year
National 5.9% -0.2 -1.3
California 7.3% -0.1 -1.5
Stockton 10.6% -0.1 -1.9

Since 2005 the unemployment rate in Stockton, California has ranged from 7.8% in October 2006 to 22.3% in January 2011.

The current unemployment rate for Stockton is 11.9% in September 2014. This is not about comparing the cities of California, it is however saying that we can give a substantial number of people good paying jobs with the right marketing.

You can do your own statistic research on the matter.

In conclusion; we can stand on our own with all the wonderfully represented high tech and low tech manufacturing, from food processing and manufacturing to increased tourism by promoting the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Small businesses have opportunities to grow in the Stockton region.

AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting is not an employer, we are “entrepreneurs”, we add all the necessary logistics, incidental, contact and/or instructional information for any interested party, that’s what we do.

We will present this presentation to the local Government, after creating the proper video, collecting the necessary documents to show the feasibility studies, hoping that it might get the idea in the door.

We’ve found the perfect Class “A” warehouse / distribution facility. This property is within close proximity to the BNSF Intermodal yard and is ideal for manufacturing or warehouse/distribution, but will continue to look for a site with river access.

If you have any questions, please fill free to  Email Us, we will respond ASAP:

Please Read About “OUR GOAL

Thank you,

Michael Burton Sr.

AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting

Clearing California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!
Clearing California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!

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