Biological Fighters!

Water Hyacinth Plant Hopper on WH LeafCalifornia officials have released thousands of insects in the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta to combat an invasive weed that has clogged the waterway. The state Department of Food and Agriculture let more than 5,000 water hyacinth plant hoppers go at several locations in San Joaquin and Sacramento counties this month. Officials hope the insects, which are native to South America, will establish self-sustaining colonies and begin chomping down on water hyacinth. The invasive plant forms a dense carpet on the surface of waterways, impeding boat access and clogging water intake systems, so I started working on AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting, and what it would take to make a living doing the removal; it would need to pay for itself; Anaerobic Digestion seemed to be how we could provide any interested parties in funding our project.


As of November 2014, a picture speaks a thousand words:

Weber Point - Downtown Stockton CA!
Water hyacinth chokes the water around Weber Point in downtown Stockton California.

Megamelus Nymphs!


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Michael Burton Sr.

AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting

Clearing The California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!
Clearing The California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!


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