Clearing The Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!

Sacramento & San Joaquin County California River Delta!

Water Hyacinth Removal & Transport for Processing to Power Generation!

A personal outline to our Family, Friends & Followers. We have had a presence on the Internet for a dozen years, and within that period of time we’ve tried to re-invent how people see Michael Burton Productions, LLC and this latest upgrade is no different.

Water Hyacinth Removal & Transport for Processing to Power Generation!
Water Hyacinth Removal & Transport for Processing to Power Generation!


Hi Michael:
Thanks for the update.
I would be pleased if you would use the numbers and figures I forwarded to you. The more we can get the word out, the better it is for all of us.
In fact, if you use my name and/or the company name (TerraStar Energy), both of our websites will benefit in any google searches anyone does.
Glad to hear you are still moving ahead with your project. I will look forward to helping you with a means of converting the hyacinths to energy.

I did some quick metrics:
– a google search finds that an acre of water hyacinth can weigh up to 200 tons.
– I will assume it has a relatively low %ODM so I guess the amount of biogas per ton will be around 100cubic meters (this is easily verified)
– at 2kWh/m^3, I estimate each ton of hyacinth will produce roughly 50kWh
– using these estimates,  a 1MW power plant would require roughly 175,000 tons per year (480 tons per day)
– Assuming the first assumption is correct, then harvesting 2-3 acres per day will supply a 1MW power plant (enough to power about 300 average homes).
– Depending on the rack rate paid for electricity by the utilities (eg:.08/kWh) the revenue from electric sales will be $700k per year.
– We can build a 1MW power plant for $3.5-4M. (larger ones cost less per kW capacity)
– Can you charge someone to clear the hyacinth? If you could get $20-30/ton ($4-6k per acre) then I think the business model works pretty well.
We would be interested in pursuing this with you. 

Promo Photo!Michael Burton Productions, LLC and AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting will become two separate revenue generating sources. We have taken these steps to provide our customers with the best quality of service for both Concert Productions and our new Hyacinth Harvesting adventure in the Sacramento & San Joaquin County California River Delta, and we will be adding some real important conversation about water desalination for the Sate of California. That link Is Desalination the Answer”, will be available in the side-bar to the right or above.

We hope you will find the two services are worthy of your coming over and kicking the tires and giving us a like on your Social Media sites and telling your Family & Friends to do the same, especially if you’re in the Sacramento & San Joaquin River Delta.

The Cities and Towns of the Sacramento & San Joaquin River Delta;  

Antioch – Brentwood – Byron – Clarksburg – Courtland – Isleton – Lakeview – Lathrop – Lodi – Manteca – Oakley – Pittsburg – Rio Vista – Sacramento – Stockton – Thornton – Tracy – Walnut Grove – Woodbridge are just beautiful, and the Islands are not matched in beauty and seclusion anywhere in the Country!

If you have any questions, please fill free to  Email Us, we will respond ASAP:

Please Read About “OUR GOAL

Because their is no respect for a body of work anymore, I’ve stopped all comments.

Thank you;

Michael Burton Sr.

AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting

Clearing The California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!
Clearing The California Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!

6 thoughts on “Clearing The Delta, Rivers & Sloughs!

  1. Michael, I have been contacting all of my elected officials about the hyacinth issue, we need a petition to get several of you harvesting machine immediately. Today was a very sad day for boaters as the 35th Marina West Lighted Boat Parade was cancelled for the first time ever. The parade goes from light 36 on the San Joaquin east to downtown it is impossible to get out of several marinas or into the Downtown Marina. The boaters pay an entry fee that100% is donated to the Stockton Women’s Shelter I live on the Calaveras River just west of interstate five, I can’t get out with the hyacinth. If I can be an advocate let me know and have a happy holidays. Best Regards Roger Kelly Northern California Sea Ray Boat Club

    1. Thank you Roger Kelly;
      As this site continues to grow and it will, I invite you to read about Our Goals, it will open a new window.
      The funding is not there because of Politics to do any good, so we will fill The Stockton Arena with multiple concerts to fund our project, and give a percentage to the community, helping many agencies out.
      Stay in touch, bookmark the site, it will only get more interesting as time goes on. Thanks again!

  2. Hey Micheal, I am in Australia and yes we have the same issues RE: water hyacinth. I am a commercial drone operator and spray pesticides from the air. We have ample supply of this weed to use for biogas projects. Have machines to remove weed and spray for cleanup. We have been dumping waste on site to rot down sufficiently to dispose of. Costs for this are based on weight. So your proposal uses this product before storing. Fresh If I can say. Costs to our business would be cut significantly if we had biogas operations here. How are you progressing with model for us to follow?, as all local councils have access to huge amounts of green waste, so your concept and vision is needed down here. Can you help. Thank you.

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